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One for all, All for one
Being one of the team, you can benefit from experiences of other members of the team.

Seminars and Conferences
All members of BCSS benefit from the yearly organised Meetings, Seminars and Conferences.

 Recomend colleges
If you recommend a colleague or friend as a new member, you will get a VIP card for the upcoming Conference 2014.


Member Events

This section is for our members to anounce their event, if you are a member and have organised an event, please send the information to us or a link to your even, we will publish it here so the other members will know about it.

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Registration Forms

Please choose and download the registration form (Office Word Document), fill it in and sign it, then send it back by post or just scan it and email it to us, we will process it and will send you the approval by email.

Registration form for Individuals

Registration form for Organisations

Information Links

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Contact Us

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